How to Be a Defensive Driver in 2023

What does it take to be a defensive driver exactly? There are a bunch of simple habits you can adopt to achieve this. Read on to find our greatest tips.

Defensive Driver

Did you know that close to 5 million people in the United States get seriously injured in car accidents each year?

If you want to avoid the scariness of even a minor car accident, then you need to learn how to become a defensive driver. Not only could this strategy save your life, but it can also keep everyone else around you safe as well.

What does it take to be a defensive driver exactly? There are a bunch of simple habits you can adopt to achieve this. Read on to find our greatest tips.

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Always Scan Your Surroundings

One of the easiest ways that you can stay safe is to be on the lookout at all times. It’s not enough to keep track of your own actions since someone else who’s being reckless could crash into you.

Keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious behavior in your area and stay as far away as possible from drivers who don’t seem responsible.

Leave Space Between the Car in Front of You

It’s important to remember that road conditions can change in a fraction of a second. If you’re driving right behind the person in front of you, then you won’t have enough time to brake if they slam on their brakes for any reason.

This could also come in handy if other reckless drivers try to change into your lane without putting their blinkers on and waiting.

Avoid Driving When You’re Not 100% Engaged

Distracted driving is becoming so much more common as drivers have to deal with all kinds of issues. Rowdy passengers, texts and phone calls, eating, applying makeup, and searching for directions or music can all pull your attention away from the road.

You should also do your best to avoid driving when you’re exhausted and especially when you’re under the influence.

Obey Driving Safety Laws

It’s astonishing to think about how normalized it is to break the law while driving. For example, most people don’t think twice about the risks of driving faster than the speed limit.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve brushed up on driving laws, you should take some time to brush up on California pedestrian crosswalk laws and other laws that can help keep everyone safe.

Adjust Your Actions During Bad Driving Conditions

Sometimes it’s impossible to stay home when the weather is terrible or the roads are more congested than usual. If you have to face the elements, make sure that you drive even more defensively.

Turn your headlights on, slow down, and brake earlier than on a normal day.

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Becoming a Defensive Driver Is Easier Than You Think

The roads would be a much safer place if everyone learned how to be a defensive drivers. If you follow these defensive driving tips, you can feel good about doing your part.

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