Staying Safe as an Illinois Pedestrian in 6 Tips

Illinois is home to some of the US’s best public transportation. To assist you, here are six crucial tips for staying safe while traveling as an Illinois pedestrian.

Illinois Pedestrian

Illinois is home to some of the US’s best public transportation. The cities are often so walkable that people even walk to most of their destinations. With this in mind, however, it’s important to understand how to travel in Illinois as a pedestrian in a safe, respectful manner. To assist you, here are six crucial tips for staying safe while traveling as an Illinois pedestrian.

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6 Tips to Staying Safe as an Illinois Pedestrian

Staying Safe

Stay Educated

To keep yourself safe, you sometimes need to know exactly where you’re going. In a busy city setting or even a relatively small town, predictable paths are much safer for Illinois pedestrian. If you’re looking confused as you decide whether or not to cross a crosswalk, for example, you could make drivers and other pedestrians nervous. Stay educated about local traffic laws, speed limits, and other road-centric information, and you’ll know how cautious to be when near a roadway. If you’re injured by someone else’s reckless behavior, whether it be a driver or another pedestrian, you should contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer immediately to look into your options. You may be entitled to a payout, after all.

Stay Sober

If you’re wandering around the public sphere intoxicated, you’ll be distracted, foggy, and dangerous. You want everyone around you to feel comfortable, and if you’re visually intoxicated, you may put people on edge. Since many clubs only offer outdoor seating, parking lots and streets could be crowded with inebriated patrons. While entering or exiting these parking lots or when driving close to a downtown area with restaurants and bars, drivers should use extra caution. No matter what, it’s crucial to get sober before walking home. While inebriated, your unpredictable nature increases your danger of getting hit, so you need to do your best to stay responsible when using substances. Avoiding a public intoxication charge makes the effort even more worthwhile.

Stay Predictable

Your actions as a pedestrian should stay predictable, as this will ensure both other pedestrians and drivers know what to expect from you. After all, if you run out into the road at an unexpected time, you’re putting all drivers and pedestrians in your immediate area both in danger and into a state of confusion. Especially if they are intoxicated, drivers’ reaction times are not always as swift as we would want. It’s crucial to abide by the law of the road and refrain from dashing into traffic or attempting to cross the road fast in between vehicles. This advice should always be heeded, but it is especially important if you’re by a busy Illinois roadway, and could very well save your life.

Stay on the Path

Being on sidewalks, crosswalks, and other accepted pathways is key when traveling as Illinois pedestrian, especially in busy Illinois cities like Chicago. It can be tempting to swiftly cross the street between vehicles rather than wait at the corner light. As a pedestrian, you must pay close attention to the signals because you are unprotected from incoming traffic or hidden vehicles. Not just the closest lane, but each lane you will need to cross, should be in your field of vision. Even if the vehicle in front of you slows down to let you cross, the vehicle in the following lane might not be as considerate.

Stay Visible

Wearing bright, luminous clothing can make you more visible, which can be your greatest defense when you’re a pedestrian. Drivers frequently fail to spot pedestrians or fail to notice them among other distractions, which results in accidents. It is especially crucial to wear fluorescent clothes and carry a flashlight at night when it can be difficult to spot people near the road without additional assistance. If you’re worried about your visibility, you should find a place to wait for the weather to clear up before continuing your journey as a pedestrian. Doing so will keep you, and everyone else in your area, much safer.

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Stay In the Moment

If you’re distracted as you’re moving through busy walkways, sidewalks, and crosswalks, you’ll be much less safe as an Illinois pedestrian. Walking while not paying attention to your surroundings can be equally as risky as distracted driving, which puts other drivers in danger. With your head buried in your phone, you run the risk of tripping over anything on the sidewalk, falling into the street unintentionally, or bumping into someone else and endangering that person. Even though they may be a person’s constant friend, avoid using electronic devices when riding, running, or walking. The more aware and attentive you can be while traveling as a pedestrian in Illinois, the better.