Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Firm for Your Houston Law Firm

Search Engine Optimization Firm for Your Houston Law Firm

As a lawyer practicing in Houston, you understand the need to stay ahead of the competition. But sometimes, this is not always easy as competition can be quite fierce in this field. As a localized business, a lot of law firms often focus on attracting clients that are within their vicinities and this makes the competition even more fierce.

Just like any other lawyer seeking to grow their career, you want to be able to attract potential clients within and around Houston. Luckily, search engine optimization (SEO) can help you achieve this. However, for you to get the best result from your SEO effort, you need to hire the best agency for the job.

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The good thing is there are so many agencies offering this service. A simple SEO for lawyers in Houston Google search will give you a list of so many agencies offering this service. The not-so-good news is that all these agencies promise to be the best at what they do, but this is not always the case.

Because you want to get the best result, you cannot just go with the first agency you come across. You need to take your time to properly vet them to get the best. In this article, we will discuss things you need to do to help you choose the best SEO company for your Houston law firm.

Know Your Goals and Requirements

Before you start your search, you first need to know what your needs and outsourcing requirements are. Consider your budget to know how much you are willing to spend on this project. Find out your needs and goals; for instance, as a law firm, you may likely be looking for local SEO to attract clients around you. Figuring out your goals and requirements will make it easier for you to streamline your search to agencies that can help you meet these goals and requirements.

Do Your Research

For you to pick a good SEO agency, you first need to know the qualities of a good SEO agency. Take your time to find out what these features are. Read case studies, find out the certifications these agencies should have, learn about costs and transparency, how the agency is meant to report to you, and so on.

Make a List of Potential SEO Agencies

Potential SEO Agencies

Now that you know what you want and the features a good SEO agency should have, use this knowledge to search for potential agencies. Make a list of 3-5 companies that you would then select from. Check online and social media platforms or ask your family and friends for referrals to get a list of potential agencies.

Read Customers Reviews

Start ticking off agencies off your list by reading reviews about them. A good place to check for reviews and gauge a company’s reputation is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can read this article to learn how to check out a business on BBB. You can also check the company’s Google Business page and even social media platforms like Facebook.

If the company has more negative replies than positive ones, then it’ll be better to strike them off your list. Also, be careful not to fall for fake reviews by looking at whether the reviews are generic or detailed. Find out more about the business by taking note of what people are commonly complaining about or praising; this will give you an idea about the company’s weak areas and strong points. You also want to find out how the company responds to complaints as this would speak volumes of their professionalism, reliability, and customer service.

Consider Cost

Some law firms make the mistake of going for the cheapest agency. Perhaps, because they are on a budget, or they simply don’t want to pay too much for the service. This is one mistake that you need to avoid when choosing a company for your search engine optimization needs.

When you choose a company with an ultra-low rate, the chances that they will end up underdelivering are quite high. This also does not mean that you have to go for the most expensive service; expensive does not always mean better. Instead, look for a company that will offer great service at a good price.

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Request Deliverables

When looking for the best SEO agency, deliverables will help you figure out the how, when, and what of the service. With this, you’ll know the strategies the company will employ, when they will do it, and the amount it’ll cost you. Before you make your final decision, take your time to interview the companies to learn all of the above. Remember your goals and be sure that the company you pick will help you achieve this.

Bonus Tip: Avoid Agencies that Promise Immediate Results

Search engine optimization is a gradual process that brings results over time. If any company is offering immediate results, then chances are they’ll employ black hat SEO strategies that can potentially hurt your website. If you’d like to know what black hat SEO is, you can visit to learn more about it. A good search engine optimization company will offer you gradual results that will last for a long time rather than fast results that will end up fading in a few weeks or months.


Hiring a search engine optimization agency for your Houston law firm can help you build your online visibility and draw more clients to your firm. However, getting a reliable firm can be quite a task if you do not know what to look out for. Thankfully, in this article, we have discussed some tips that will help you get the right agency for you.