7 Interesting Ways Law Firms are using Digital Marketing to Boost their Business

If you’re going to market your law firm online, the ideal digital marketing strategies should be based on your firm’s practice area, size, objectives, and mission. Here are the digital marketing strategies that your law firm can apply to boost your business.

Digital Marketing to Boost

You may have good legal strategies when managing a case, but it will be more helpful if your target audience is fully aware of your firm. As such, your law firm’s business may profit from having a better online presence.

According to Smart Insights, there are 3.5 billion searches daily in Google alone, with 58.4% purchasing products or services. That said, a way to have more online presence is through digital marketing. Likewise, if you’re going to market your law firm online, the ideal digital marketing strategies should be based on your firm’s practice area, size, objectives, and mission.

Overall, here are the digital marketing strategies that your law firm can apply to boost your business.

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Applying Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is where you use goal-oriented strategies to rank your site higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Applying SEO is a sure way to get more clicks and traffic to your site.

Some SEO tactics that you can apply for your law firm are:

  • Organically get more backlinks by generating suitable content and adding call-to-actions (CTAs), so online users can share such content.
  • Conduct proper keyword research and put relevant keywords in your copy and alt-text tags to your images.
  • Use plugins to assess the SEO potential of each site’s page.
  • Link to other sites with notable domain authority in your content.

If you adequately optimize your site, your web pages will more likely be found by online users that use search engines to find your services before they find your competitors.

Overall, if you want to know more about applying SEO for your law firm, you can check onthemap.com/blog/law-firm-seo/ to learn more.

Getting More Reviews

One great tactic to develop trust with prospective clients faster is to obtain more client reviews and testimonials. However, if you’re going to do this, remember to avoid being passive and try to become more proactive. The reason is that only a handful of buyers will ever provide a review or testimonial.

To start, one way to get more customer reviews is by being more active on social media and making your social media accounts accessible. This is so you can interact with your clients, send their comments, or ask questions.

You may also consider a follow-up with your customers. Doing this helps as you’ll be more likely to get a review if the purchase is still in their thoughts.

Utilizing Content Marketing

Another interesting way law firms market their business online is to create helpful content for their audience. There are various types of legal content and resources that you can offer through one’s website and other means. For example, you can create articles or video content for your website or deliver emails to their inboxes. All of these methods can help to market your business to different types of people.

Likewise, some vital things to consider for your content marketing are:

  • Set content marketing objectives.
  • Do competitive content marketing research.
  • Map your content ideas to an editorial calendar and set a publishing workflow.
  • Develop a content distribution plan.
  • Assess how your content is working after three to six months.

These things can guide you in producing quality content and even help monitor your law firm’s online progress.

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Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Market Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) is digital advertising where you pay money each time an ad is clicked. Here, you’ll be spending money on targeted visits to your site, landing page, or application. Remember that you must spend enough time testing if you want a PPC advertising campaign to provide a high return on investment (ROI). And so, you should expect to go through a fitting process before you notice the best results.

The general process that’s involved in PPC are the following:

  • Selecting your campaign type depending on your goal.
  • Refining your settings and targeting (devices, locations, audiences, schedule, etc.).
  • Determining the amount for your budget and having a bidding strategy.
  • Inserting your destination URL (landing page).
  • Developing your ad.

Your law firm can try these to attract more clients and expand your firm.

Incorporating Live Chat To Websites

People love the idea of having the chance to connect with your business online. Likewise, some benefits of having live chats are:

  • You can practice industry leadership by providing advice through it.
  • It assists in generating and converting leads as soon as possible.
  • More people expect that they can contact law firms 24/7.
  • It speeds up the first point of contact with your clients.

You can incorporate live chats into your website by having an automatic pop-up when users land on your website. Otherwise, you can add a low-key button that your website visitors can click if they want to.

Applying Social Media Marketing

Law firms use a strategy to market their business by constantly promoting and building their brand over social media. There are many benefits of conducting social media marketing for your law firm. Some of these are:

  • Increases revenue
  • Improves brand awareness
  • An avenue to engage with your customers
  • Improves SEO

If you want to venture into this type of digital marketing, some crucial factors include determining your target audience, utilizing a suitable social media platform, focusing on content quality over quantity, and establishing your objectives and measuring outcomes.

Employing Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ideal strategy to get new customers, engage better with present customers, and increase revenue. It’s also good to get better ROI. According to Constant Contact, for each dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect an ROI of about USD$36 on average.

You can begin by providing downloadable resources, such as slideshows and whitepapers, to obtain email addresses, which is a prerequisite to getting these resources. Second, you can try to make your emails concise and focused. Third, you can choose the best email marketing service to help you with this process. Lastly, measure the outcomes and alter your plans if needed.

Wrapping Up

There are many digital marketing strategies that other law firms are using to boost their business. Some of those are in this article. Hopefully, applying these strategies will ensure that you’ll widen the reach of your law firm, have more leads, and get better revenue as time goes by.