What You Should Know Before Filing a Lawsuit Against the Government

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If a government employee or agency is to blame for an injury, the victim may be able to sue the government for damages. Even though there are several notable exceptions to this rule, the government tolerates a wide range of harm claims against government institutions. However, these lawsuits may proceed differently than conventional injury claims, and anyone contemplating legal action against the federal government should be aware of these distinctions before doing so.

If you’ve been injured due to the carelessness of a government agency or employee and are considering suing, you should first speak with an attorney about the process and how to best prepare your claim.

How Federal Tort Claims Work

The Federal Tort Claims Act governs the procedure for bringing a case against the federal government after being injured in the course of serving in the military (FTCA). This legislation specifies the following guidelines for valid injury claims against the government: this law prohibits:

  • Allegations against the federal government must be made within two years of the damage
  • The claim must include all relevant facts about the injury or occurrence.
  • Before the claim goes to court, the government will review it.
  • If the government disputes the claim, the claimant has six months from the date the claim was rejected to file a lawsuit in court.
  • A claimant may have to go through a longer and more difficult process than in the ordinary personal injury litigation. An skilled lawyer, on the other hand, may assist a claimant all the way through the legal process, offering crucial advice and counsel.

Contact with Personal Injury Lawyer

Medical fees and other expenditures associated with an injury that was caused by the negligence of a government worker or agency might leave you in serious financial trouble. You may be entitled to compensation if you file a lawsuit, but you must understand the legal process first. Contact with a personal injury lawyer at about your potential claim for compensation against the government.