What is Home Office Law and How Does It Affect Entrepreneurs?

Home Office Law

Much has been said about how, with the reform of the Federal Labor Law, which took effect in January of this year, the home office or teleworking is now not only recognized, but also regulated, affecting both businesses and employees in a variety of ways. same. However, how does this influence female entrepreneurs in the current climate?

According to rsula Quijano, Director of Strategy and Influence at Victoria147, “it is our responsibility as entrepreneurs to always monitor the legal landscape for changes in rules that may have a direct impact on our enterprises, particularly those with collaborators.”

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As a result, Victoria147 shares three points on which every business or endeavor should focus this year:

1. Go Forward: You must have all of your paperwork in order.

One of the most significant changes to the law is that home office or telework must now be specified in contracts (yes, including collective bargaining agreements and internal regulations), which applies to workers who spend more than 40% of their workday at home.

Anticipate and identify those positions that, most likely, will persist in this mode even after the pandemic is over. Seek advice on how to modify their contracts, as these must include contact channels, schedules, and payment for services.

2. Optimize: Conduct a thorough audit of your spending.

One of the most contentious aspects of this law reform is that employers will now be responsible for paying a proportionate share of the costs of the services required by the collaborator, such as Internet and Wi-Fi. While this is positive news for all working individuals, as entrepreneurs, it should cause us to reconsider our operating expenses and how we may reduce them in order to provide these fundamental and required conditions for our talent.

Begin with the establishment’s fixed costs (you could even question your own need to have a premises or office). You may be able to cut your personal Internet plans or use the savings on electricity, water, and cleaning to benefit your collaborators.

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3. Relax: show consideration for the house of another.

If you were one of the entrepreneurs who believed micromanagement was a beneficial practice or that “it doesn’t matter because he’s at home,” it’s time to put that belief to rest. The new law reform contemplates employees’ right to privacy and their “right to disconnect,” in addition to providing a balance in remuneration, working conditions, and compensation for those who work in person and those who work remotely.

Women entrepreneurs want sound counsel not just to avoid problems, but also to ensure that tasks are completed correctly, which will definitely aid in the growth of their businesses.