Common Injuries in Los Angeles Car Accidents

Los Angeles Car Accidents

Some car accidents are minor enough that you can walk away with a clean bill of health. Others are far more serious and can leave lasting injuries. Whether minimal or severe, there are common injuries that abound from Los Angeles car accidents.

Since these injuries have the potential to impact your financial future, it’s always a good idea to seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer in Oxnard to help you calculate fair compensation.

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Head and Brain Injuries

When vehicles collide, the force can cause you to bang your head on the headrest, steering wheel, or driver’s side window. Even if your head doesn’t come into contact with anything, you may still have a head or brain injury. On the minor side of things, you could have a concussion, but severe injuries like a traumatic brain injury may leave you with permanent damage.

Neck, Back, and Spine Injuries

Your body will get jerked around in your car, even when you’re wearing a seatbelt. These unnatural motions can cause serious strain on your neck, back, and spine. You may experience whiplash, disc injuries, or spinal cord fractures. In major car crashes, spinal cord damage could lead to paralysis.

Broken Bones

In a car accident, it’s common for the bones in the arms or legs to suffer a fracture upon impact. In severe accidents, victims can break their ribs and other bones as well. Most broken bones can heal in time, though, depending on where the fracture is and how many bones you’ve broken. Whether you suffered a minor or severe accident, it may cause you to be out of work for a while.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are among the scariest types of injuries because there are no exterior signs. On the outside, you may look and feel fine, however, your organs may be wounded. Major car accidents often leave injury victims with broken ribs. If a broken rib punctures one of your major organs, it’s a life-threatening injury.

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Why You Should Never Refuse Medical Care After a Los Angeles Crash

You may shrug off a medical examination after a crash if you can get out of your car without a problem. You may even feel a little out of sorts but chalk it up to shock and think there’s no sense in spending a fortune to ride in an ambulance.

It’s always best to receive prompt medical care after a crash. The symptoms of head injuries and internal bleeding don’t always show up immediately after either. They may take hours or days, and by then it could be too late.

If you are injured, you will have the medical records, diagnosis, and prognosis to serve as evidence for recovering compensation. For the best results, work with a personal injury attorney so you have the chance to rest, heal, and recuperate while they handle the particulars of your case.