A Guide to Divorce Options in Spain

Divorce Lawyer

Every time a marriage comes to an end it also means the beginning of an economic relationship. At LawyersBay, we know how unpleasant this process can be. That is why our team of experts in Family & Divorce Law can advise you on the procedure to follow in case you have decided to take this important step in your life or help you if your spouse has decided to do so.

Divorce by mutual agreement

The spouses can agree to a divorce by mutual or amicable agreement by establishing a divorce agreement before the court clerk of the judicial district that corresponds to them (taking into account the last known family residence, in most cases) or in a public deed before Notary Public. Undoubtedly, this route is the best option for spouses, given its simplicity and the speed with which the procedure is resolved. On the other hand, in addition to being a cheaper solution than contentious divorce, it is also a less traumatic procedure for both spouses and for common children, if any.

Contentious divorce

This type of divorce is the one that is done through a judicial procedure. Divorce may be decreed judicially, regardless of the form in which the marriage was celebrated, at the request of only one of the spouses, both or one with the consent of the other. At least three months must have elapsed since the marriage was celebrated before a contentious divorce can be filed.

International divorce

If you are married to a person of a different nationality and have decided to end your marriage, you need advice on what divorce procedure you should follow. LawyersBay’s experts in Family Law are here to advise you on which divorce procedure to follow best suits your particularities, especially if you and/or your spouse are of different nationalities. Each solution that is adopted depends on the personal situation of the parties and, in general, the divorce process will take place before the notary or the judge of the last known family residence.

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