5 Best Vans for Moms in 2021

Best Vans for Moms
young mother and daughter waiting in garage while father talking to mechanic

Do you want to show off this month of May? how about giving a truck to mom to go at full speed with all the style that characterizes it? If you answered yes, here we give you a list with the top of trucks for mom so you can decide on the one that best corresponds to her personality.

Family vans or minivans were the most common until a few years ago, but moms have become more versatile and now prefer more modern and easy-to-drive cars, such as SUVs or Crossovers, of which below we give you the Top 5 to give to mom.

1. Honda CR-V

It is synonymous with space, safety, and tradition, it will provide the best technology in terms of equipment, as it has trunk opening using the foot, as well as assists for safe handling and Lane Watch camera for parking maneuvers and lane change.

2. Volkswagen Tiguan

Modern and spacious, it has an optional third row of seats to carry up to 7 passengers. It has turbocharged engines from its base version and in the most equipped, an all-wheel-drive system, which response perfectly.

3. GMC Terrain

For those looking for strength and endurance, but also 24/7 connectivity, this truck is ideal, as it has a 4G LTE connectivity that supports up to seven devices

4. Kia Sorento

Koreans know how to make things beautiful and very functional, and this truck is no exception. It has the Top Safety Pick Plus recognition in the United States thanks to its high safety standards. It carries up to 7 passengers and its front seats have heating and ventilation; It has road assistants, as well as blind-spot detection available in all its versions.

5. Mazda CX-9

This truck can be summarized in “luxury and performance”, as it has the already traditional SKYACTIV technology that helps improve fuel efficiency and a premium sound system that will accompany you along the way.

We hope that this month you will surprise mom with a gift that will make her life easier and make her look spectacular, on 4 wheels.