4 Most Common Black Friday Injuries

Unfortunately, every year on Black Friday, people can and do sustain injuries. Which offenders are the most frequent? Let us ascertain.

Black Friday Injuries

Black Friday is the year’s largest shopping day. The majority of people anticipate a few things: long lines, large sales, and a large crowd. You might even anticipate a minor altercation over the last prized toy, but nothing catastrophic. Unfortunately, every year on Black Friday, people can and do sustain injuries. Which offenders are the most frequent? Let us ascertain:

Accidents in Parking Lots

Surprisingly, some of the most common Black Friday injuries occur as you approach or exit the store. Pedestrian accidents can result in minor scrapes and bruises, or they might be fatal. In one instance, a man was fatally shot over a quarrel over a parking space. Shoppers on the lookout for the best discounts are more inclined to act aggressively and place a higher premium on obtaining the latest toy than others. Always exercise caution in parking lots and keep a safe distance from anyone behaving aggressively.

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Crowding-Related Injuries

While it may seem strange that people might get major injuries while shopping, watching a few videos online demonstrates that a stampede occurs as store doors open. Given that only a handful of people are required to exert tons of pressure, it’s unsurprising that people be trampled and experience catastrophic injuries on a yearly basis. These stampede injuries can range from minor scratches and bruises to life-threatening concussions and organ damage. To safeguard yourself, avoid being in the front or in the center of a crowd. It is preferable to pass up a deal than to deal with the consequences of a major injury.

Additional Injuries on the Horizon

There are various additional methods to sustain an injury while in the business. Consumers are climbing the shelves to get greater stock, which can result in unsafe heavy loads. Additionally, slamming carts may result in injuries such as shattered fingers, bumps, and bruises.

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Criminal Acts of Violence

Finally, violent crimes are uncommon, yet occur every Black Friday someplace in the country. Brawls erupt, shootings ensue, and some individuals may incur stab wounds.

Black Friday brings out the competitive spirit in every shopper, and tensions can run high. Shoppers can immerse themselves in the moment and act aggressively, even violently. Although it is uncommon, some people do perish in the quest of a good deal.

If your holiday shopping takes you into the Black Friday crowds, the safest course of action is to exercise caution and awareness of your surroundings. Bear in mind that tensions are high, and be as courteous as possible to your fellow shoppers. Maintain a safe distance from anyone acting aggressively, and contact store security if you ever feel unsafe. If you adhere to these guidelines and apply common sense, you can have a safe and injury-free holiday season. Injury prevention begins with a proactive approach.