Tips for Marketing Yourself as an Attorney

If you aren’t sure how to “sell yourself” but don’t have the budget to hire a chief marketing officer, here are some helpful tips for marketing yourself as an attorney.

marketing yourself as a lawyer

Being a good lawyer is certainly not always synonymous with being good at marketing yourself, but as an attorney, it is important to get your name out there to attract new clients. How you choose to market yourself can also impact your likelihood of attracting clients so you want to make sure you are sending the right message about your practice.

If you aren’t sure how to “sell yourself” but don’t have the budget to hire a chief marketing officer, here are some helpful tips for marketing yourself as an attorney.

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Write Blogs for The Average Person

Having a is an excellent way to connect with your target audience, but you want to be sure that you are writing it with regular people in mind. A blog that is written for the consumption of other attorneys isn’t going to be very helpful for attracting new clients, so if you have one you’ll want to shift the focus.

A blog should be full of posts that provide useful information to potential clients, such as legal advice or commonly asked questions. For example, if you are a criminal appeals lawyer you could write blog posts such as “Common reasons for appeals” or “Tips for finding a criminal appeals lawyer”. This way, the people who are attracted to your blog and hopefully to your website will be the ones who are most likely in need of your services.

Collect Business Cards Instead of Giving Them

You could give out a hundred business cards during an event, and the sad truth is that most of them will end up in the trash. Instead of wasting time giving out your information, try focusing on collecting business cards and contact information from other people. This way, you can send them an email or other form of communication within the next few days sharing your information in a way that is more effective.

When someone takes a business card, they might not need your services right at that moment. In order for this method of advertising to be effective, they would have to save your business card, then remember that they saved it when they need an attorney. While this may seem like a reasonable enough expectation, with today’s technology most people are much more inclined to head to google and search “attorney near me”.

If you send potential clients your information, especially if you do it periodically, it takes the responsibility of remembering your name away from them. Instead of expecting them to keep you in mind, you have control over how often they are reminded of your services.

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Use Social Media

As an attorney, social media may not feel like the ideal place to do your advertising, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, social media is an amazing tool for marketing, especially if you can do it in a clever and creative way. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are common places for attorneys to connect with clients and peers, but you should consider using other social media like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to reach a larger audience.

Your clients are going to be regular people who might not be on LinkedIn looking for an attorney. Instead, there is a large and diverse pool of people who could be interested in your services on other platforms. Social media is also an excellent marketing tool in general because it can expose your business to people who may have otherwise never heard of you.

Become a Source of Information in Your Community

One of the most important factors that clients consider when looking for an attorney is how much they can trust them to know what they are talking about. You can increase your trustworthiness and perceived expertise by positioning yourself as a resource in various ways.

For example, you can reach out to local news and media outlets to let them know you would be happy to answer questions and provide information on various news stories. This is a great way to get your name out there without having to use traditional advertising methods. Instead of being viewed by individuals in your community as just a TV ad lawyer, you’ll be seen as an informed and involved member of the community.