What to do after a Car Accident in NYC?

Car Accident in NYC

Being involved in a car accident in New York City can be a terrible event, and it’s understandable that the majority of people feel bewildered and confused when this occurs. However, the actions you take immediately following an accident can significantly affect the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries. With that said, it is vital for you to be mentally prepared with a checklist of activities you should perform and avoid in order to safeguard your rights.

Let us investigate how you can improve your prospects of obtaining the most compensation available for the injuries sustained in a New York car accident. The most crucial step is retaining the services of an experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorney in New York City. You should, however, be aware of the following procedures you can take following a car accident in New York City.

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Step 1: Report the Crash

Call law enforcement immediately following an accident to report the incident. Wait for the cops to come and conduct an initial investigation. They will examine the accident scene, conduct interviews with the persons involved in the crash, acquire eyewitness testimony, and check the vehicle’s condition. The police will use all of this information to determine who was at responsibility for the accident.

Once this report is filed, ensure that you secure a copy because it will be critical in establishing the responsible party’s liability. Without this record as proof, it is entirely possible that the other motorist may later deny the incident occurred, and their insurance company will refuse to settle your claim based on their denial. Proving them wrong in a scenario of this magnitude can be extremely tough.

Step 2: Get Contact Information of Witnesses

As soon as you have completed reporting the crash to the police, check for and speak with any witnesses. Take note of their name and contact information so that you can contact them later if their testimony is required. Generally, people flee immediately following an automobile collision in New York, and they will not wait for law enforcement authorities to come.

Thus, once the inquiry is complete, it may come down to your word vs that of the other party involved in the incident. Therefore, it is critical that you speak with eyewitnesses and obtain their contact information in order for the authorities to contact them in order to ascertain who was actually at fault for the accident.

When police officers arrive at an accident scene, they are required to collect information from witnesses. However, they may not include all necessary information in their report; for example, while a name may be included, no contact address or phone number may be included. Thus, in order to safeguard your own interests, it is critical that you take the effort to gather all pertinent information from witnesses.

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Step 3: Get Photo and Video Evidence from the Scene of Crash

While you wait for the police to come, use your smartphone or tablet to take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Ascertain that you cover the damage to your vehicle, your personal injuries, and the region surrounding the crash scene. This will be beneficial if you are need to give evidence of the damage and losses sustained as a result of the crash.

It is especially beneficial in circumstances when an automobile accident occurred as a result of bad road conditions, debris on the road, or other kinds of obstruction caused by a government entity’s negligent road maintenance or repair.

Step 4: Seek Medical Attention Even if You Feel Fine

When a person is not seriously injured in an accident, it is normal to feel that the pain would subside with rest. Additionally, you may be concerned about the cost of medical treatment and hence postpone seeing a doctor. In certain instances, there may be no visible signs of injuries or discomfort following the incident.

However, regardless of whether you have sustained an injury or are in discomfort, receiving medical assistance immediately following a New York vehicle accident might be critical while pursuing compensation for the crash. If your records indicate that you delayed seeking medical attention, the insurance company is quite likely to claim that your injuries were not caused by this accident.

They may refuse to settle your claim for compensation on this grounds. Insurance adjusters will interpret your failure to seek medical treatment as an indication that you are fabricating the injury. To avoid this, consult a medical expert immediately following your injury, even if you feel completely OK.

Maintain any medical appointments scheduled following your initial therapy. This is critical for a few of reasons:

  • To ensure that you receive the required attention and therapy in order to fully heal and reclaim your health
  • To eliminate any possibility that the insurance company would assert that your careless attitude contributed to the aggravation of your health concerns.

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Step 5: Have Your Injuries Described in a Clear Manner

When you go to the doctor after a car accident, make sure to mention your injuries and any discomfort you’re experiencing throughout your body. Even if it feels like a little annoyance, report any symptoms you detect. Small difficulties can quickly escalate into more major complaints about time, and if an issue is not mentioned in the original report, it might be difficult to prove that the harm was caused by the accident later on.

Inquire with your doctor about getting the necessary diagnostic tests conducted. These test results will serve as tangible proof of the damage you’ve sustained. All of your concerns will be written down by the doctor who examines you, and this information will be included into your medical record. These same medical records will be examined by the insurance company when you file a claim for reimbursement for your injuries.

If no mention of an injury you claim occurred during the accident is found in the medical records, the insurance adjuster may dismiss your claim and refuse to pay it.

Step 6: Keep a Diary to Record All Your Injury-Related Details

Human memory isn’t perfect, and we have a tendency to forget little data that could make a big impact in a case over time. If you decide not to settle with the insurance company and instead file a lawsuit for a court trial, it may take two to three years for your case to be heard. There’s no assurance that you’ll recall every detail until that day arrives.

Keep a diary to record all of the events that transpired during and after the crash to make things easier for yourself. Make a list of your symptoms and pain, as well as the treatment you received, the medications you took, the time you missed from work, and the amount of money you spent on doctor visits, therapy, and medicine.

Step 7: Never Give a Statement to the Insurance Company

Soon after an accident, you will be contacted by representatives of the other party’s insurance company or your own. Their manner of speaking to you and commiserating with your injuries is likely to fool you into believing they are genuinely attempting to assist you. In actuality, they may be attempting to catch you off guard, and innocent words made during casual chat may be misinterpreted and used against you later.

Even if it is your own insurance business, you must keep in mind that all such providers will always seek to collect the highest possible premium and pay out the least amount possible in the event of a claim. They are just interested with increasing their own profits and are unconcerned with you receiving the pay you deserve.

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