What is Family Law?

Family lawyers are attorneys that practice family laws in family court proceedings and represent their clients in their cases or negotiations.

family laws

Family law is an area of legal practices that focuses on issues related to families. These include familial relationship issues like marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and many others as well. Family lawyers are attorneys that practice family laws in family court proceedings and represent their clients in their cases or negotiations. Moreover, family lawyers are also responsible for drafting legal documents like any sort of property agreement or even court petitions.

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What are family lawyers responsible for?

Family lawyers are responsible for upholding family law. Some of these attorneys are even specialists for paternity, emancipation and cases other than marriage or divorce. They are normally responsible for upholding the laws for any familial problems considering these problems are of many aspects. Most of these are very sensitive issues and therefore it takes a certain expertise to deal with clients that might be dealing with traumas and are completely scared to even stand for their own selves. These lawyers help all kinds of people that might not even know what comes under the umbrella of family law.

Why should you Hire a Family Lawyer?

While family lawyers tend to mostly represent divorce cases, this is not the only field that is relevant to them. The field of family law is actually a broad area that includes many technical issues involving familial relationships. Since family problems are a sensitive issue, it takes a true professional to deal with your case. You might need someone who is a trusted professional and has been practicing family law for a long time. This is to ensure proper representation from your side and to guarantee that you will stay protected under this law.

Conflicts have both legal and psychological elements. Cooperation can be greatly facilitated by having a better understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of mediation settings. Therefore, the lawyer can improve effectiveness, lessen stress, and boost pleasure for all parties involved by using psychologically beneficial approaches and tools.

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A few of the most common reasons for hiring a family lawyer are:


Divorce cases are one of the major cases that are handled by family lawyers. Both parties get to hire their own attorneys that tend to represent them. These attorneys are responsible for devising settlement plans with the intention of avoiding any trails. These settlement plans include dividing the marital properties, dealing with the spouse support plans and in case of children they are also responsible for devising the custody, support and visitation plans.


In cases where fathers are absent from the child’s life, mothers tend to file paternity cases in order to receive child support payments from the father. In some cases fathers may also use the paternity case in order to be granted permission to have a relationship with their child like a normal parent in special circumstances. Paternity cases are determined using DNA testing.

Child support and custody

Child support and custody cases are another domain that are dealt with by the family lawyers. These involve court order as well as agreements on settlement involving both parties. These cases usually are a part of divorce cases but they can be revisited based upon changes in circumstances. For example the financial situation of the non custodial parents may change the amount of child support. Visit here for the family law attorney at the Law Office of Cosmas Onyia knows that the typical child custody process can involve a parenting plan, child custody evaluation, or determining child support. This may lead to serious negotiations with the other spouse.

Adoption and Foster care

Adoption cases tend to involve complex processes and can be very complicated. The laws differ depending upon the states and they can be very hard to deal with unless you have a proper attorney. While the foster process doesn’t really require legal representation, sometimes it turns from fostering to adopting and therefore it’s important to consult a family law attorney for this matter.


Personal cases that involve sensitive issues need very careful procession. There’s usually a lot at stake when it comes to family cases and getting justice against family. It takes courage and support. A family lawyer can help in making this hard journey easier for you.