What Happens After I Report my workers’ Compensation Claim?

An attorney can help you through the application process by making sure you submit the correct information on your claim.

Compensation Claim

As soon as you report your workers’ compensation claim, the gears are set in motion. The insurance company is alerted that you were injured and you will be sent to a doctor. While this doesn’t mean you’ll start receiving benefits, you will be entered into the system. To get compensated, you will have to take further action.

According to workers comp lawyer N.F. Hansford, your next steps are entirely based on the information you provide and staying on top of your medical treatment. An attorney can help you through the application process by making sure you submit the correct information on your claim.

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Medical Treatment Continues

After you’ve reported your work-related injury, your employer will assign you to a qualified medical practitioner. The doctor will review all of your injuries and give you a timeline for your Maximum Medical Improvement. This is the length of time that is required for you to recover from your injuries. They will also judge your injury based on a schedule. If your injury doesn’t fit the schedule, it is graded using other measures. The doctor reports this information back to your employer’s insurer.

File Workers’ Comp Claim

With the information, your doctor provides, your own testimony, and additional evidence you provide, you can initiate your workers’ compensation claim. Your workers’ comp lawyer

can help review your claim before submitting it to make sure there are no errors. This prevents you from being denied over small discrepancies.

Insurer Investigates Claim

Your employer’s insurer will review your claim and initiate its own investigation. Based on the information they receive, they will issue you a letter regarding what benefits you should receive. They may request more information if necessary.

Decision And Settlement

If you agree to the terms in the settlement letter, you will have to fill out additional paperwork and sign the agreement. Once the insurance company receives this information, the workers’ comp administration provides final approval. After that, all you need to do is wait for the benefits to be dispersed to you. If you dislike the terms of the settlement agreement or were denied, you can enter an appeal process.

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Appeal Process

Speak with your worker’s comp attorney and let them know that you want to file an appeal. They can help you gather the required evidence to prove that you are eligible for workers’ compensation. The appeal board will request you attend a pre-trial mediation with your employer and their insurer to find a resolution for your workers’ compensation claim. If no one can agree to appropriate terms, then you will go to trial. Your attorney will represent you and help you get fairly compensated.

Receive Benefits

While you are recovering from your injury, you continue to receive benefits up until you reach Medical Maximum Improvement.

Find Out More From a Reliable Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you are lost in the workers’ compensation process and being declined, speak to a workers’ comp attorney. They can provide you with the answers you need and help you overcome issues within the appeal process. You can be fully represented by your attorney and make sure that your opinion is heard. They can show how badly you were injured and why you deserve workplace benefits. Don’t get less than you deserve so that your recovery is fully supported.