What Can an Insurance Lawyer Do to Help You With a Fire Claim?

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House fires can cause extensive damage to your property and your personal belongings and add a lot of sudden costs to your life while you rebuild your home. Fires happen for all kinds of reasons, with over 36% taking place because of electrical problems and another 32% due to cooking accidents.

There is no sure way to prevent fires in your home, but when they happen, you turn to your insurance company to make things right.

But what do you do when the insurance company tries to cut corners at your expense?

Working with an insurance lawyer is one of the best ways you can make sure that a major fire claim goes smoothly and that you receive a fair settlement from the insurance company.

When you work with an insurance lawyer like Virani Law who focuses on fire, flood, and natural disaster claims, here is how they can help.

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#1 They Demystify Insurance Language

The language of insurance companies is rarely intuitive. It can be a challenge to understand what exactly terms in your insurance policy or used by the adjuster mean, even for native English speakers, not to mention anyone who speaks English as a second language. Even if the policy language is plain, how certain clauses and exclusions interact with each other in the policy is complex, and the insurance company will try to rely on exclusions where they can, even if they do not apply.

One of the first things an insurance lawyer will do for you is explain the language of your insurance policy and your communications with the insurance company. They will help make the process that much simpler. They can also advocate for what you are owed under the policy in cases where the insurance company themselves are misinterpreting how coverage should be applied.

#2 They Make Sure the Insurance Company Hears You

When you are dealing with an insurance company, it can feel like you are just another file among hundreds. Insurance adjusters may have multiple files that they are working on at a time, and insurance companies can have many more going on at once.

An insurance lawyer can help make sure that you are heard and understood. After a traumatic event like a fire, you need more support than ever, and part of that is making sure that your needs are understood.

An insurance lawyer can help you navigate things like getting a cash advance from the insurance company to help pay for immediate expenses, such as replacing clothes, toiletries, work and school laptops, and other necessities. They can also keep up with routine communications with the insurer and other vendors to take some of the workload off of your plate as you navigate the stressful time.

#3 They Help with Paperwork and Deadlines

Making a home insurance claim involves a lot of paperwork and keeping up with deadlines. Missing deadlines can delay your settlement or even jeopardize it altogether. An insurance lawyer keeps you on schedule and can help you with filling out all of the paperwork you need to complete.

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#4 They Can Negotiate Your Settlement

Homeowners depend on their insurance settlement to complete repairs on their home and make sure that their mortgage company is satisfied enough not to take the settlement and close their mortgage.

An insurance lawyer has the experience to know how to talk to insurance companies and negotiate a better settlement for your claim. That may involve bringing in second opinions to challenge the adjuster’s estimates or challenge the way the insurance company has valued your belongings.

When there is a fire in your home, leave nothing to chance. With an insurance lawyer, you can improve your chances of getting a better settlement.