Steps to Take if You Are a Victim of Personal Injury

Personal injury is a very extensive field of law that incorporates several types of injuries. Here are the steps to take after experiencing a personal injury.

Personal Injury

Accidents cause physical, emotional, and financial distress. If an accident happens outside the workplace, accident victims have the right to compensation from the person who caused the accident. However, your immediate steps will depend on the type of injury and how you sustained the injuries. Personal injury is a very extensive field of law that incorporates several types of injuries. In the United States, a few types of personal injury are commonly and easily handled with the assistance and guidance of a personal injury attorney. They include auto accident injury, medical malpractice, product liability, slip, and fall accidents, and wrongful death. Here are the steps to take after experiencing a personal injury.

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Consult a Medical Practitioner for Your Injuries

Getting medical attention immediately after the injury is vital. In some cases, delay can be detrimental. For instance, if you get head injuries and fail to seek medical attention, you may experience internal bleeding, which can be fatal. Also, getting immediate treatment for less severe injuries is crucial as they can become long-term or permanent. After medical treatment, adhere to the doctor’s advice to avoid delays or impaired healing.

Document the Circumstances of the Accident

If your injuries aren’t severe, take some fundamental steps to document the entire accident scenario. In case you were involved in a car crash, contact the police immediately. Note down the name and driver’s license number.

Gather comprehensive evidence by taking pictures of the accident scene. It is essential to take photos of all occurrences, from skid marks to gouges in the pavement to broken glass from headlights. Also, if the vehicles are in contact with each other, don’t let them be moved before taking pictures. If available witnesses are about to leave the accident scene, request them to give you their details before the officer arrives. It makes it seamless for the investigator.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Right Away

As you document the circumstances of the accident, it is crucial to speak with an experienced attorney. Injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence require the involvement of a personal injury attorney. An attorney can offer in-depth guidance on undertaking the claims process, including what compensation you should anticipate. When speaking to an attorney, you may be asked to give comprehensive details of:

  • The Cause of the Accident. You need to explain the scenario of the accident. Present the pictures taken, plus the police report to the attorney. If the accident happened due to numerous factors, give out all the details.
  • Your Medical Bills. The amount the hospital charges you will form the basis of your personal injury claim. For instance, if the accident resulted in broken bones, it might cost you approximately $2,500, excluding the surgery. Therefore, present any medical bill resulting from the accident, including physical therapy. The medical bills may not cater to severe injuries. Your attorney will discuss such bills.
  • How Your Injuries Hinder You from Working. The personal injury claim should compensate for the lost time at work. To benefit from this, you must prove how your injuries adversely affect your work.

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Issuing a Claim for Compensation

After the attorney has received and reviewed the entire happenings related to your accident, the attorney will collaborate with you to file a demand for compensation with the insurance company responsible. Some accidents are fairly simple and involve a single claim, while complex ones with numerous factors may require you to provide a separate claim for every responsible party. When you collaborate with Fresno Injury Attorney, you will receive a consolidated claims package that incorporates everything the insurer requires to know.


After filing your claim, the insurance company will give feedback with a settlement offer. Usually, insurance companies tend to provide the lowest settlement amount for an accident victim’s injuries.A Fresno injury attorney won’t compromise on compensation, and neither should you. After issuing a compensation claim, fighting for maximum compensation for your injuries is critical.