State & Federal Drug Crime Charges You Should Know

Drug Crime Charges

If you are facing serious drug charges in state or federal court, the LawyersBay criminal defense team is here to help. We represent clients accused of drug possession, drug sales, conspiracies, drug trafficking, distribution rings, or narcotics import networks in federal and state courts. In federal court, the most serious drug offenses are routinely tried.

Drug crimes defense is one of our specialties, and we specialize in federal drug offenses as a result. The Drug Enforcement Agency prosecutes drug crimes at the federal level in the United States (the DEA). It’s important to note that federal drug regulations are split by severity level, which has an impact on punishment. Levels I and II are the most serious drug offenses in the federal criminal system, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As follows, you’ll find the full list of federal drug charges:

Schedule I

A Schedule I narcotic is one that is deemed to have a high potential for abuse in the federal criminal justice system. All of these substances have no therapeutic use, are very poisonous, and have an increased mortality risk. There are several varieties of these substances that are more generally known, including LSD, PCPy, Marijuana, Heroin, mescaline, and peyote. Although marijuana has medical applications and is not physically addicting, it is nonetheless classified as a Schedule I substance despite the fact that its use carries no danger of death. There are several ways that politics and so-called drug wars might distort the agency’s methods.

Schedule II

According to the federal government, drug crimes prosecuted under this category include drug possession, sale, conspiracy, and trafficking, and are associated with a high risk of critical and severe physical addiction, as well as a certain level of acceptance in the scientific community as having limited medical benefit. From this description, several of the medications on that list will surprise you. There are a number of drugs that are classified as Schedule II including PCP, PCE and methamphetamines or “Meth,” such as opium, opiates, Ritalin, cocaine and Laudanum.

Schedule III

Even though they’re still being prosecuted by the DEA through the U.S. Attorney’s Offices, these substances are supposed to have a lower abuse potential than any of the drugs listed above. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has decided that they have a medicinal use and a danger of dependency or addiction. Nalorphine or Nalline is included in this list of anabolic steroids.

Schedule IV

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has classified these drugs as having a restricted level of dependency and a specific medical application. As an example, Xanax is in this group along with Redux and Beta Chlor. Other drugs in this area include Ambien and Reactivan.

Schedule V

All of these drugs are considered to have a very low risk of misuse and a wide range of medical uses. Drugs such as Lomotil and Motofen can be found in this category as well as Logen and Thymergix as well as Codeine.