Obtaining Injuries During Accidents: Signs It’s Time to Get a Lawyer

get a personal injury lawyer

Calling in the legal cavalry is a good idea if you are in an accident resulting in serious injuries. Especially in cases where the details are unclear or the parties involved have conflicting statements, it’s best to let an attorney take over. An expert lawyer can work with insurance providers to get enough money for your losses. Here are some signs it’s time to get a personal injury lawyer:

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Serious Injuries

Serious injuries can be devastating. They may affect your physical health and your family’s mental and emotional well-being. Adding to this pain is the financial devastation caused by medical bills and loss of income from an inability to work. Reputable personal injury attorneys will look at your situation and assess the chances of getting you compensation for your serious injuries. They should be willing to discuss a timeline for your case so you know what to expect. Any lawyer who tells you they can immediately put cash in your hand is not being honest with you. An excellent personal injury attorney can level the playing field with insurance companies and argue on your behalf in court. Claimants who hire an attorney and go to trial tend to receive higher settlements than those who handle their claims independently. Investing in a knowledgeable and accomplished personal injury attorney is worthwhile.

High Medical Bills

Paying for missed work and medical expenses can make it challenging to make ends meet. To cover your costs and move on with your life, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining the money you require. You can receive monetary compensation for losses such as missed wages, broken property, and medical costs, and you may also be granted non-economic damages like discomfort and suffering. An expert accident attorney can assess your specific damages. They will also have the resources to help you prove these damages, such as obtaining copies of your medical records and evaluating your current and future needs. The process of submitting a claim can be accelerated by hiring legal counsel. An experienced lawyer can navigate insurance red tape and file paperwork, deal with police officers, gather evidence, talk to witnesses, negotiate a settlement, or take the case to trial as needed. They’ll also assist you in avoiding expensive errors that could result in a meager compensation.

Insurance Companies Are Acting in Bad Faith

Insurance companies are not your allies; they will take every precaution to evade paying for a valid claim. When this happens, it is known as bad faith and can be a significant obstacle to securing compensation. To ensure you get the money you are legally entitled to, a personal injury attorney can help you demonstrate that the insurance company acted dishonestly. There are many forms of bad faith that insurance companies can engage in. For example, they can actively mislead the insured about policy terms or facts about what occurred to deny or delay a claim. They can also offer a settlement that falls short of the actual value of a lawsuit in an attempt to save money. There is a fine line between intense negotiation and bad faith, so it is essential to have a personal injury lawyer familiar with the tactics and dirty tricks that insurance companies can use to reduce or deny claims.

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Lost Wages

A personal injury attorney can use invoices from auto body shops and other bills to prove your expenses and get you the money you need for damages related to missed paychecks. The attorney can also consult with experts to determine the accident’s impact on your future earnings. It may involve bringing in an economist or a vocational specialist to calculate your expected future earning capacity and account for job duties, promotions, raises, and the ability to perform other jobs.

The best reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is that they can handle all of the legal paperwork and insurance red tape while you focus on your health. They can also negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies to make sure you get the settlement you are entitled to. It can be easier with the help of an experienced attorney.