How to Find the Best Business Attorney for Your Company

Best Business Attorney

A business attorney is a valuable resource to save you from unforeseen and costly legal problems. However, finding the best business attorney for your company can be difficult.

Getting a suggestion from a reliable source can be beneficial. In addition, consider asking the attorney to provide you with a list of their clients.

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Identify Your Needs

A company attorney, like a Denver business attorney, may assist with various legal matters that companies may encounter. They can assist with setting up a corporation or LLC, filing paperwork to start a new business, and forming agreements such as employment contracts, client contracts and terms of service, intellectual property rights contracts, and more.

A good small business lawyer can also assist with minimizing business risks and responding to litigation matters when they arise. The ABA suggests that you ask potential attorneys about their experience in dealing with the types of issues your company will face.

It is also essential to consider how long you anticipate the professional relationship with your business lawyer will last, as this can impact fees and other aspects of the working relationship. You should feel comfortable working with your business lawyer and have trust that they will protect your interests.

Get Referrals

Referrals and recommendations are often the best ways to find a small business attorney near you. Most attorneys have a network of colleagues and associates to whom they can turn for their clients’ legal concerns. The most reputable attorneys will also be willing to refer their clients to another firm or attorney when their case falls outside their expertise.

When referring your client to someone else, ask if they want you to inform them before contacting them. This will allow them to prepare for the call and give your client confidence that you will not disclose their personal information.

Ask Questions

Getting recommendations and conducting an initial interview is the start of your search for the right business lawyer. After you’ve whittled down your alternatives, consider the essential questions that will enable you to decide confidently.

For instance, consider asking an attorney about their fee structure and billing practices. Many new entrepreneurs are surprised to learn that legal fees vary considerably, especially for attorneys who use a traditional hourly rate for attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks.

Also, find out what areas of business law the attorney is comfortable with and how they would handle a potential lawsuit against your company. As you might expect, general business lawyers often have a hand in all legal disciplines. In contrast, other specialized business attorneys focus on specific legal issues (such as intellectual property or franchise agreements). You should also explore the attorney’s professional network and whether they will refer you to a specialist if necessary.

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Schedule a Consultation

Your business attorney will guide you about many issues, from forming your company to negotiating contracts and dealing with employees. You won’t need a lawyer for every problem, but finding one you can work with for the long term is essential.

Your personal and professional networks are an excellent place to start your search for a business attorney. You can also explore online resources like legal help sites and the listings provided by your state’s bar association.

During your introductory meeting, ask questions to see how well the potential business attorney will fit with your company. For example, ask how they plan to communicate with you and your team members regarding how often and when they will be available. In addition, ask about their billing practices. Some attorneys charge flat fees for simple projects, while others bill by the hour.